Newcomers are welcome in Ken Blady’s Beginning Yiddish classes starting at the JCC East Bay Feb. 5, Temple Isaiah Feb. 6 and at the Osher Marin JCC Feb. 8.

Learn this rich and colorful language in a relaxed, irreverent and heimisheh atmosphere with instructor Ken Blady. All you need is some zitz-fleish (butt + patience) an ardent desire to learn, an interest in Jewish culture, and an ability tzu veren tzeshussen fahr gelechter (to crack up).

Stress in this class will be placed on learning the alef beis (print and script), elementary grammar, and reading basic texts. Emphasis will be placed on interactive conversation among students (almost) entirely in Yiddish in order to develop the ability to form sentences for basic needs when conversing with Yiddish speakers.

The instructor will include salient aspects of the history and evolution of Yiddish as grist for conversation. Students will also master 60 Yiddish shprekhverter (expressions) and vitzlekh (witticisms), some rated GP.