Dubrovnik Synagogue

August 17-29, 2018, optional pre-tour extension to Vienna, August 15-17

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Immerse yourself in the compelling history and scenic beauty of the Western Balkans — where Jews co-existed with Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and Muslims for almost half a millennium. Departing from Vienna, we will visit such enthralling cities as Sarajevo, Dubrovnik, Ljubljana, Mostar, and Zagreb, and natural wonders such as Lake Bled and the Plitvice Lakes and Waterfalls.

Mostar Bridge

Our study tour will cover the region under the Ottoman and Habsburg Empires, and explore the Holocaust in Croatia and Bosnia, Marshal Tito’s Yugoslavia, and the Balkan War of the early 1990s, the most destructive in Europe since the end of World War II. We will also examine the current condition of these communities with panel discussions featuring leading Jewish scholars, activists and communal officials.

Traveling Scholar: Fred Rosenbaum, Founding Director Emeritus of Lehrhaus Judaica, is the award-winning author of eight books. He has led 24 study tours, half of them in Europe.

For more information, contact Ariel Goldstein at Tiyul Jewish Journeys at (510) 833 5854 or ariel@tiyuljewishjourneys.com.

The trip is presented by Lerhaus Judaica and Tiyul Jewish Journeys, and is supported by the Ingrid D. Tauber Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund.