Tuesdays, March 5 – April 2 | 7:00 – 8:30 pm | JCCSF, San Francisco | Register here

This five-week course, taught by Bruce Bramlett, will present an overview of the long history of antisemitism from its earliest roots in the Greco-Roman world to its present resurgence in Europe and the United States on the left and right of the political spectrum.

Many in our generation had thought that, after the catastrophe of the Holocaust, Antisemitism had become a thing of the past. However, with continued modern resurgences throughout the Muslim world as well as growing eruptions throughout both Europe and the United States, we are forced to acknowledge the protean nature of this cultural disease. We will illustrate how Jew-hatred has gone through several transmogrifications in its history and seek to explore how it seems to be emerging in our contemporary society, particularly within the context of U.S. politics. There will be opportunities for discussion as well as presentations throughout.