June 4-17, 2019 | Beijing—Tianjin—Harbin—Xian—Nanjing—Shanghai

Great Wall

Encounter some of the most breathtaking attractions on earth: the Great Wall, the imperial palaces in the Forbidden City, the shrines in the Temple of Heaven, and the ancient 8,000 Terracotta Warriors in Xian. Contemporary China is no less astounding: the world’s fastest high-speed train, busiest ports, longest bridges, and highest dams. Witness how the Chinese are remaking their lives amidst this head-spinning change.

Harbin New Synagogue

In Harbin, Manchuria, enter the largest synagogue in East Asia, built by Russian Jews seeking a new life in the early 20th century, even as this frontier region was fought over by the Great Powers. In Nanjing, visit the memorial to the 1937 massacre carried out by the Japanese and ponder the similarities between the genocidal occupation of China and Nazi Germany’s subjugation of Eastern Europe. In Shanghai, walk through the former ghetto, a refuge during the Holocaust for almost 25,000 Jews.

From the Jewish merchants in the 19th century treaty port of Tianjin, to Israeli entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers in today’s China, experts will help us consider the interaction of two of the world’s oldest civilizations.

Tour leaders: Fred Rosenbaum, Rabbi Jeremy S. Morrison, Ph.D., and Ariel Goldstein

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The tour is presented in partnership with Tiyul Jewish Journeys.