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Recommended Reading

Bay Area Community Talmud Circle
Basic Talmudic Terms and Tools
A Very Brief Introduction To Talmud Study
Talmud Circle Amoraim
Talmud Circle Mishna and Talmud Centers
Talmud Circle Ta’naim

Rabbi Ruth Adar
Introduction to the Jewish Experience
Required: Living Judaism by Wayne Dosick
Other recommendations: http://jewishexperienceonline.com/book-list/

Estelle Frankel
Essential Holiness by Alan Morinis

Marla Kolman
Everyday Holiness by Alan Morinis, 2008, Trumpeter, Boston

Orna Morad
Modern Hebrew
Required: Hebrew from Scratch part one

Rene’e Powell
Ancient Themes, Modern Images
The Way Jews Lived
Zanger, Jewish Worship
With Wisdom and Knowledge of Workmanship
Huberman, Living Symbols-Symbols in Jewish Art & Tradition (3-6)
Maisel, ‘Origins of the Jewish Jesus’ (2001)
Silver, ‘Jewish Identity in Art & History’ (Soussloff, Jewish Identity in Modern Art History, 1999) 

My Grandparents, My Parents and I : Jewish Art and Culture , Edward van Voolen

Rabbi Adam Rosenwasser
Building Blocks of Judaism Syllabus
Living Judaism:  The Complete Guide to Jewish Belief, Tradition, and Practice by Rabbi Wayne Dosick
A Short History of the Jewish People by Raymond Scheindlin

Prof. Farid Senzai
After the Play: Disgraced
How mosques are Americanizing*

Aaron Hahn Tapper
Judaisms: A Twenty-First-Century Introduction to Jews and Jewish Identities (Oakland, CA: University of California Press, 2016).


Marc Dollinger
American Jewish History 

Estelle Frankel
Kabbalah and the Practice of ‘Sacred Therapy
Sacred Therapy: Jewish Spiritual Teachings on Emotional Healing and Inner Wholeness

Fred Rosenbaum
Cosmopolitans: A Social and Cultural History of the Jews of the San Francisco Bay Area
Never the Last Road
(with Mira Shelub)
Out on a Ledge
(with Eva Libitzky)
Here, There are no Sarahs (with Sonia Orbuch)
Taking Risks: A Jewish Youth in the Soviet Partisans and His Unlikely Life in California (with Joe Pell)
Visions of Reform: Congregation Emanu-El and the Jews of San Francisco 1849-1990