As you may have noticed, our pricing structure changed this year. We’ve received positive feedback, and also heard some confusion. We’d like to clarify some of our thinking behind this new approach.

Some of you have been learning with us for over 20 years. As you know, we haven’t raised our prices very much over that span of time. We realize that in order to continue serving the high level of programming that we offer, we need to raise our prices. We decided on a version of the “sliding scale” model, where folks can select one of three options for payment that best fits their budget.

The tiers are:
— your contribution for faculty
— your contribution for faculty and staff
— your contribution for faculty, staff support, and operation expenses

We titled the tiers in this way to offer more transparency about what it costs to support a class. Previously, tuition was based solely on ensuring we could pay your educator. Now we are offering options for you to help pay for the complete class. But only if you are able! If you are not able to, you may continue to pay at a rate that supports your instructor’s pay (which is not an exact amount and in most cases is slightly below what you were paying before).

Your experience in class will not change depending on the tier you choose. And your payment amount is confidential to both your instructor and the members of your learning community.

To be clear, when you select a higher tier you are not getting more for the class, you are simply choosing to pay more because your budget allows it, you value the experience, and you understand that it costs more for Lehrhaus than our tuition amounts (even still!) reflect.

And as always, if you have hardship and are unable to pay any of the options offered, please contact us for a scholarship form.

If you haven’t had a chance to register for the fall classes yet, please visit https://catalog. or call Vernita at 510-845-6420.

We look forward to beginning another year of learning with you!