Sunday, January 13, 2019 | 1:00 – 6:30 pm | Addison-Penzak JCC, Los Gatos

Jewbilee is an annual celebration of Jewish learning. The afternoon is divided into sessions, with many classes, workshops and performances happening simultaneously during each session. YOU choose what you want to do. Hundreds of participants, and dozens of teachers, artists, educators, speakers, and performers. New this year, we have a “Kids Jewbilee” program too!

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Jewbilee’s theme this year is “Food for Thought,” focusing on many aspects of Jewish food. The keynote address will feature Nigel Savage, founder of Hazonthe leading Jewish organization working on environmental sustainability. We’re also excited to announce that Lehrhaus Judaica will present classes with renowned scholars, including Professor Danny Matt, the prominent translator and commentator on the Zohar, a classic of Jewish mysticism. Matt’s session 2 workshop is called, Manna and Wisdom. Lehrhaus’ Rabbi Peretz Wolf-Prusan (The Banquet Table of Jewish Wisdom) and Abra Greenspan (Honey, Garlic, Beets and (Oh So Much) More) will be offering excellent workshop choices in session 1 to prepare you for Matt’s teaching.

We’ve added a Kids Jewbilee program for grades K-5, which will focus on food and farm activities in collaboration with the JCC Youth Department. For 6th-12th graders, BBYO will lead a series of classes and workshops. Adults can participate in a pickling workshop, a challah making workshop, and a wine making activity. All ages are invited to watch the “Chopped Liver” cooking challenge with chefs from the community (they’re not really making chopped liver, it’s a Jewish spin on the popular cooking show “Chopped”). The day ends with a reception with beer, wine, and delicious food catered by L’Chaim Foods. We are excited to partner with Hazon, Ma’alot Farms, Lehrhaus Judaica, BBYO, High Ground Organics, L’Chaim Foods, Veggielution, and WZO-Department of Diaspora Activities to create this day of fun, food, and thought. Please join us!