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Lehrhaus Judaica and Kevah are excited to announce that the Kevah Groups program is joining Lehrhaus’ diverse offerings of adult Jewish learning opportunities.

“We are inspired by Kevah’s work during the past 10 years, and will ensure that the depth of learning and the construction of meaningful relationships that characterizes the Kevah Groups experience continues and flourishes,” said Lehrhaus Executive Director Rabbi Jeremy Morrison.

Lehrhaus warmly welcomes Kevah Group hosts, participants, and educators to the community, and all groups are invited to continue meeting without interruption or changes. Kevah’s program director, Jaimie Baxter, will be joining the Lehrhaus staff with responsibilities to include continued oversight of the Kevah Groups program, ensuring a seamless transition and continuity of the customized approach.

Lehrhaus invites anyone who is interested in starting a new Kevah Group to email KevahGroups@lehrhaus.org.

According to Kevah’s Founding Director Sara Bamberger, “Kevah’s mission is to help individuals and organizations create Jewish learning communities, which is very much in alignment with Rabbi Morrison’s vision for Lehrhaus. Moving to Lehrhaus is a fantastic way for the Kevah Groups program to expand to a larger audience. The Kevah staff and board have all been very impressed with Rabbi Jeremy Morrison’s leadership and vision, and the synergies of the two organizations will be a great benefit to our shared staff, educators and most importantly, to our participants.”

Kevah, which launched in 2008, currently has 32 groups, primarily in the Bay Area, engaging in a wide-range of Jewish topics. Unlike classes, Kevah Groups usually meet in participants’ homes, and are formed based on a customized, participant-driven approach to education. The group host and members shape the character of the group by choosing who to invite, the topic of study, and the time and place to meet. Kevah matches each group with an outstanding Jewish educator and provides ongoing support to ensure that each group thrives.

“We’re delighted to bring the Kevah Groups program under Lehrhaus’ wing,” said Lehrhaus Board President Howard Simon. “Kevah has done a fantastic job of nurturing and expanding a vibrant community of adult Jewish learners. The Kevah format is a natural complement to Lehrhaus’ broad range of programs and to Lehrhaus’ commitment to adult Jewish education based on meaningful dialogue. We look forward to welcoming the Kevah community into the Lehrhaus family.”

“I’m thrilled to see Kevah’s innovative groups program moving to Lehrhaus Judaica with their long history of delivering high quality adult education in the Bay Area,” said Kevah Board President Jacob Heitler. “It’s clear that the two together will have a greater impact than either alone. There’s so much opportunity in the Bay Area in general, and with the Lehrhaus-Kevah combination in particular, to do Jewish learning in a way that works for anyone’s particular personality or interests.”

2017-18 Marin Talmud Circle

The incorporation of Kevah Groups will enhance Lehrhaus’ mission of building relationships and community through learning. Kevah and Lehrhaus already work with many of the same educators, and previously partnered during the launch of Lehrhaus’ Circles Program in 2011. Today, Lehrhaus offers Talmud, Philosophy, and Zohar Circles throughout the Bay Area, providing more than 200 participants annually opportunities to build community through engaging in text study. The addition of the Kevah Groups program will add more than 300 learners to Lehrhaus’ community.

The Kevah Groups program will move to Lehrhaus effective July 1, 2018.

Lehrhaus is your home for Jewish learning since 1974, serving 4500 participants each year who form connections with fellow students and educators through the study of a broad range of topics, including Hebrew/Yiddish, the arts, contemporary issues, Bible, Talmud, philosophy, spirituality, introduction to Judaism, and history.