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Participant Cost FAQ

How much does it cost to learn with Kevah?
The average cost of joining a Kevah Group is $180 per person for a 5 session series. Groups choose their own meeting schedule, so if they choose to meet more or less frequently, the series cost is adjusted to match their scheduling choice. Your membership payment can be made in three monthly installments at the time of registration. Lehrhaus is dedicated to keeping Jewish learning accessible to the whole community. For those who cannot afford the standard membership, Lehrhaus offers a Pay-What-You-Can model to ensure that cost is not a barrier to joining a Kevah Group.

What is the Pay-What-You-Can model?
Lehrhaus offers a Pay-What-You-Can model to ensure that cost is not a barrier to participation in a Kevah Group. At the time of registration, participants may select to view the Pay-What-You-Can pricing options and self select to register at a level of 75%, 50%, or 25% of the total cost. If a participant needs a full scholarship, they may email us a request at groups@kevah.org.

What do my participant fees cover?
Kevah Group fees cover the cost of the educator and a portion of the expense for administrative support. Last year, 90% of Kevah Group revenue went directly to educators, the other 10% covered a small portion of staff time for group support. Lehrhaus program coordinators provide one-on-one support and coaching to group hosts and educators to help ensure the best possible learning experience. We regularly check in with hosts and educators to get feedback and work closely with them to make any necessary tweaks throughout the group’s time together.As a non-profit, Lehrhaus relies on members to cover the direct cost of their group. Lehrhaus standard membership costs contribute to part of the cost of educator training and compensation, logistical coordination, and the administrative support involved in launching and maintaining each personalized Group.

Is my payment for my Kevah Group tax deductible?
Unfortunately Kevah Group participation is not tax deductible. Lehrhaus is a nonprofit organization, however group membership is not a tax-deductible expense. The IRS considers group membership to be a direct fee-for-service, and will not allow us to consider it a donation for tax purposes.

All donations to Lehrhaus are tax deductible. Making a donation to Lehrhaus allows us to keep group membership fees low and provide scholarships for those in need. We hope you will consider us in your donation giving.

How long do participation fees last?
Kevah Groups fees cover a learning series. Each group chooses their own schedule, so the number of sessions in each series can vary. Many members continue learning with the same group for several years. Kevah Groups do not typically meet in the heart of summer (mid June through mid August) due to many participants and educators having decreased availability, but groups are encouraged to socialize during this time. Lehrhaus will also have periodic summer learning opportunities.

Where do I pay?
Lehrhaus will send you an email with a personalized link to our secure online registration form a couple of weeks prior to your Kevah Group’s first session. Payment can be made via credit card or electronic check.

When do I pay?
Groups will be notified about registration and payment once their series schedule is confirmed. Registration typically opens 2 weeks before the first group session. Lehrhaus also offers group members the option to pay their fees over three monthly installments, scheduled at the time of registration.

I can’t make all/most of the sessions of a Kevah Group I’m interested in. Can I drop in when my schedule allows?
While Lehrhaus always encourages group hosts to work with their group members to create a meeting schedule that works for everyone, we realize this isn’t always possible and some participants’ schedules may change overtime. However, drop-in participation isn’t compatible with our goal of ensuring each Kevah Group becomes a dedicated micro-community of Jewish learners. We understand that it’s difficult to make it to every session, but it is important that participants can commit to attending regularly in order to get the most out of their group experience and to contribute to a dynamic and cohesive group experience for the other participants. Our fee structure is based on a per series registration and participants pay for the full series even if they cannot attend every session.

I missed most of the sessions of my Kevah Group for this series, can I get reimbursed for missed sessions?
We do not issue refunds for missed sessions. We understand that it’s difficult to make it to every session, but it is important that participants can commit to attending regularly in order to get the most out of their group experience. If there is an extenuating circumstance, please contact us at groups@kevah.org or (510) 280-5656.

What do I do if I’m invited to join a group mid-series?
If you join a group after the series has begun, your registration fee will be prorated from your start date. Please contact us to discuss payment options: groups@kevah.org or (510) 280-5656.

What if I want to sign up as a household? Do I have to register and pay twice?
The registration form allows you to select to register as a household, in which case you will only have to fill out the form and input payment information once, although the cost will reflect the amount for two people.

Have additional questions or concerns? Reach out to us at groups@kevah.org or (510) 280-5656.