Insights From Kabbalah and Mussar to Enliven Your Passover Seder
Tuesdays, April 9 & 16 | Chochmat HaLev, Berkeley | Register here

Join Estelle Frankel for two nights to prepare for Passover with insights from Kabbalah and Mussar. As we relive the ancient ancestral journey from slavery to freedom on Passover night, we express gratitude for our own freedom and commit ourselves to the liberation of others. We also seek inner freedom–the ability to live in the present moment, free of the baggage of the past.The ritual foods on the seder plate teach us powerful lessons about inner freedom. Each one symbolizes an essential middah, or soul trait we need for the journey. Using insights and spiritual practices from kabbalah and mussar, we will explore how humility (matzah), courage (zeroah), curiosity (mah nishtana), lovingkindness (charoset), patience (bitter herbs) and beginner’s mind (parsley) free us to live joyful lives, in harmony with our highest aspirations.