January 8 – March 31, 2018   

Renee Passy-Zale

Seidlitz-Smith family

Lehrhaus and Building Jewish Bridges present This Is Bay Area Jewry, a photo essay exhibition showcasing the range of diversity in our community.

The exhibition, which launched in April 2016, features intimate portraits of individuals and families from a variety of backgrounds and levels of religious observance — from the North and South Peninsulas, San Francisco, Oakland/Berkeley, Contra Costa, and Marin.

Individuals born Jewish and converts, interfaith families, LGBT Jews, and multicultural Jews all take center stage.

The Beth El showing of the exhibition features two new additions to the 21 profile collection. The additions are Holocaust survivor Renée Passy-Zale and the Seidlitz-Smith family. Supporting programs for the exhibition will be announced on Lehrhaus.org soon.