Tuesdays, Feb 5, 19, March 5, 19 | Congregation Beth Sholom, San Francisco
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Join Howard Simon and Rabbi Dan Ain for a four-part study of violence and non-violent resistance by Jews in different periods of Jewish history. The first session looks at some of the uses of violence in the Torah and rabbinic interpretations of those violent events.

The second delves into an episode of Jewish struggle against Rome in first-century Jerusalem, as reported by Philo and Josephus, as a possible early example of the method of non-violent resistance Gandhi later would call satyagraha.

The third considers the turning inward of Jewish violence during the First Crusade in the form of kiddush ha’shem.

The final session explores correspondence exchanged in 1938 between Gandhi, Martin Buber and other Jewish leaders regarding potential Jewish responses to Nazi oppression and, specifically, to Kristallnacht.