Mondays, March 4 – April 8 | Lehrhaus Judaica, Berkeley | Register here

Join Yosef Rosen, Ph.D., to explore how the Zohar asks its readers to continuously diagram the 10 Divine energies (“The Sefirot”) that constitute the cosmos. While the Tree of Life is the most famous of these diagrams, Kabbalah is full of other models of sacred geometry—full of circles, spirals, lines, and letters.

Playing upon the richness and fluidity of these diagrams, the Zohar urges each of its readers to make their own map of divinity, informed both by Kabbalah and one’s own creativity.

This four-part workshop is an invitation to diagram your own spirituality/theology using kabbalistic models and maps. In our opening session, we will explore the historical evolution of sefirot diagrams, from simple drawings found in medieval manuscripts to a ten-foot long, nineteenth-century map of the kabbalistic worlds. In subsequent sessions, each participant will identify and name their own 10 sefirot, and then create a diagram (using an array of artistic media) that maps the dynamics and interactions between those sefirot. In the closing session, participants will share their diagrams and use literary devices from the Zohar to reflect on their own experiences diagramming the sacred.